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What is Acris Paperless Solutions?
Acris Paperless Solutions provides electronic document management, storage and retrieval services to various industries. With Acris Paperless Solutions, you are assured a safe, secure paperless solution that manages your electronic documents from origination to archiving. This collaborative, web-based service enables all participants to manage, share and archive documents electronically.

Where is your company based?
Acris Paperless Solutions is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California.

How long has Acris Paperless Solutions been in business?
After two years of software development, Acris Paperless Solutions was founded in 2005. Our paperless document management and data storage service went live that same year.

What problems does Acris Paperless Solutions help solve?
The common office processing systems in use today is very paper-intensive. For the majority of industry the process of creating a file package is riddled with excess costs and inefficiency. When you add the overhead costs associated with printing, filing, retrieval, and the search for that mis-filed document, there is an incredible cost included in the paper file package. We reduce or eliminate the “paper” in many phases of this process. By using the system in various configurations (remote, decentralized/centralized, 3rd party collaboration, file sharing etc) documents can be electronically managed and stored in a secure server environment.

Who are your customers?
Acris Paperless Solutions has customized packages for numerous industries. Our core application is widely used in the financial industries. This technology benefits any user who wishes to reduce or eliminate paper for their business process. Our pricing structure makes Acris Paperless Solutions ideal for any size shop.

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