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Acris Paperless Solutions is a secure, web-based data storage center that allows you to upload document images to an on-demand, collaborative data/document storage, processing and management system.

Archiving made easy. Acris Paperless
Solutions provides the necessary tools to securely store documents while maintaining all privacy standards. Our technology eliminates the cumbersome, costly, inefficient and out-of-date paper document storage.
100% compatible with current scanner technologies.
Multiple user access to the same file at once, eliminating the traditional linear approach to file management.
Faster workflow processing. By having more than one pair of hands on a file at a time, you can improve your productivity and reduce the labor time per file.
No lost files. No mis-files. Once put into Acris Paperless Solutions, your files are secure and available at an instant. No more searching though file cabinets for the Smith file that needs attention by the end of the day.
Reduced overhead costs and time associated with file distribution between offices without taxing your email system.
Your 3rd party vendors can access needed files via Acris Paperless Solutions remotely with unique permissions. You will receive an email when documents have been received and are ready to review.
Minimal impact on your IT resources with the secure, on-demand, web-based solution provided by Acris Paperless Solutions
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