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  What Acris Will Do for Your Organization?

Acris Paperless Solutions is a hosted, web-based document imaging and management solution that efficiently provides users access to e-mails, faxes, electronic documents, scanned images, and more in a collaborative electronic environment. Thanks to point and click integration, users can effortlessly bring the power of imaging and electronic document management to all their existing computer applications.

Acris Paperless Solutions work seamlessly with a user’s current software system, whether they are a common platform or a custom developed system. These products can work in concert or be used in part with other applications.

Once the Acris Paperless Solutions software interface is deployed, it adds a complete imaging and document management solution with the ability to collaborate with your business partners electronically. Best of all, Acris Paperless Solutions are deployed in minutes with effortless point and click integration and no programming. Once the permissions have been established you are live and processing documents!

Acris Paperless Solutions is built using a combination of proprietary software and public domain software, such as Microsoft™ and Adobe™. Scanned and faxed documents are initially captured digitally in a TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file, and then converted to a PDF (Portable Document Format) for delivery. PDF documents can be viewed with the free, downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader™. Acris Paperless Solutions stores data in the PDF format to insure a secure storage environment while maintaining privacy standards.

Acris Paperless Solutions incorporates many layers of physical, application, network, and communications security into our system. Our servers are housed at DUAL secure data centers. All access to the servers requires authentication with a username and password. Within Acris Paperless Solutions, users only have access rights to the folders and documents to which they have been specifically granted permissions by their system administrator. All customer data exchanged between a user and Acris Paperless Solutions is encrypted using industry standard 128-bit encryption techniques. Secure Socket Layers (SSL) connections are provided using a Thawte certificate. Our servers are protected via firewalls, multiple intrusion detection systems, regular penetration/stress testing and continuous monitoring of system performance.

The system is designed to scale seamlessly with all network maintenance, database upgrades and software revisions occurring behind the scenes. Our system performance is monitored 24/7 and we provide user support Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST and emergency support when necessary

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