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With the Acris Paperless Solutions electronic collaboration network, companies can capitalize on numerous and immediate reductions in operating cost. The time and productivity savings translate to a large and rapid ROI.

Potential savings include
Reduction/elimination of express mailings and courier charges
Reduction of copy and fax costs associated with the exchange of documents
Reduced labor costs associated with all levels of managing documents
Elimination of off-site transportation, archiving, retrieval and storage costs
Reduced time and labor in auditing closed and archived documents

Realize immediate benefits with:
Optimize your opportunities to process documents more efficiently
Correct mistakes in real-time and manage the process using the electronic folder which enables your organization to do business faster and better with improved customer service levels
Allows your business partners to collaborate with electronic folders and documents in real-time over the web with the confidence that the processes can be completed securely, anytime, anywhere
Minimal impact on your IT resources with the on-demand, web-based solution provided by Acris Paperless Solutions

Contact Acris Paperless Solutions for a detailed ROI analysis for your organization.

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