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  Why Paperless?

Thousands of organizations around the world use document management systems every day instead of paper filing systems. The reasons for this are simple:

Prevent lost records Eliminates most copying
Saves storage space Eliminates paper storage needs
Manage records easily File sharing by all participants
Find documents quickly Indexing identifies location
Eliminates courier costs Reduces loan cycle time
Eliminates file cabinets Greatly enhances retention/retrieval

To introduce a document management system into your organization you must follow a logical approach. First a document must be entered into the system. They can be scanned, faxed, emailed, or dragged and dropped into the system where they are stored electronically. The documents are then indexed for ease of control. When a person wants to read a document, they will use the retrieval tools available in the document management system. Permissions are assigned for these users regarding which documents can be read and what actions can be performed. This process also allows for your electronic, collaborative network of business partners to have access to the documents based on specific permissions assigned to them. Finally, the document management system archives the closed documents for the required timeframe before deletion.

These processes can be incorporated at the various entry points of paper into your current system. Or, you could simply take advantage of the imaging and storage aspects of Acris Paperless Solutions, which would eliminate your need for paper storage along with all of the associated costs.

Regardless of the installation path that your organization takes you will always have access to the full range of services offered in the Acris Paperless Solution. You can schedule your own timeline for incorporation at the different levels of your processes.
This will provide your organization with immediate costs savings from the conversion of paper storage to electronic storage while establishing a platform in which to build your electronic mortgage-processing model.

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