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"What Acris Will Do for Your Organization? "

Acris Paperless Solution offers colleges an on-demand collaborative document management solution that brings admissions, financial aid, registrar, career services, alumni and accounting departments together through its imaging and indexing solution. Our secure web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) has no software, no hardware, no licensing, no upgrades and no maintenance. Acris enables you to focus on increasing your student enrollment.

Multiple Departments? Multiple Campuses? Multiple Students?
Let Acris help you streamline your Staff’s communication and workflow electronically and efficiently.

Admissions: Colleges can manage their entire admissions process within one centralized document management system. Allowing simultaneous users access, management and tracking tools to expedite and increase student enrollment by managing the entire application process in an electronic environment. Allows users to communicate progress and next step anywhere anytime with our electronic workflow email notification tool.

Financial Aid: Monitor your procedure, manage your required documents and accelerate Financial Aid granting in real-time with our indexed Financial Aid solution. No more copies, no more courier services, no more emails back and forth requesting missing documents, no more file cabinets for Financial Aid documents, no more delays.

Registrar: Enjoy the ease and effectiveness of completing original academic file on each enrolled student electronically. Access and monitor student’s grades, attendance, transcripts and credit with a click of a mouse. No more operating through paper files for the entire lifecycle of each student.

Students/Alumni File Storage: Store your student loan files in our secure web-based data storage center. All documents are indexed for immediate retrieval. Eliminate manual labor time and costs to locate files from a paper storage facility or multiple filing cabinets. Retrieval is effortless anytime anywhere.

Use academic modules to transform your college into a 100% paperless environment:
Incorporate back-end paperless modules for Finance, HR, Vendors, Admissions, Financial Aid, Alumni, Auditing, and etc Departments. All modules are hosted, indexed and secure through our web-based data storage center.

Offer immediate on-demand access to student files for QC and Accreditation audits:
Provide 3rd party auditors immediate access to documents electronically indexed with each student file. Temporary User id’s can be set with viewing rights only. No more unnecessary time spent by staff to locate student files and no more unnecessary costs to store files off site.

Evolve and enjoy a rapid ROI:
Increase student enrollment and eliminate paper expenses, copy costs, courier fees, storage charges and delays in your enrollment process.

Acris provides an alternative solution to high costs software services. It’s immediate, it’s easy and it’s efficient.

Encourage your team to invest in Acris Paperless Solutions today.

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