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"What Acris Will Do for Your Organization? "

Acris Paperless Solutions is designed to meet the mortgage industry's requirement for robust document imaging, data storage and electronic delivery. We provide an efficient, scalable, online document imaging and data storage system that allows our users, and their business partners, to enjoy the benefits of an imaging and document management platform while reducing or eliminating the need for printing, photocopying, and couriers. Acris Paperless Solutions is a file fee-based business, with minimal start-up costs, making it easy to manage costs as volumes grow or fluctuate. Acris Paperless Solutions creates an efficient, scalable nline imaging system, with a collaborative electronic file-sharing network for the price of a traditional paper loan file storage fees.

One file. One set of eyes. One set of hands. Not anymore. Acris Paperless Solutions opens one file to the masses.

Brokers like to brag about their loan turn around time. The quicker you process a loan, the better for you and the better for your customers. Acris Paperless Solutions provides the tools to drastically increase the speed and efficiency of this process by getting any number if processors on a loan file at any time. Your office no longer needs to be run like a mortgage assembly line. Acris Paperless Solutions is the solution.

You know that employee that’s always looking for a loan file and ends up only finding the water cooler?

Every mortgage office has seen the following email: “Subj: Smith file. Please look through the files on your desk and return to me.” With Acris Paperless Solutions, you will never see one of these emails again. Acris Paperless Solutions isn’t like a set of keys or a remote control that disappears the minute you need them most. As an off-site digital storage center, Acris Paperless Solutions makes sure your loan file is always available, reliable, and never ever lost.

100% compatibility with most LOS systems
Less auditing
No lost files
Faster loan processing
No shipping costs

Document Management and Storage Solution
Get hands on before a loan file is in your hands.

Acris Paperless Solutions will revolutionize the way you work with originators. Get a preview of what is in your pipeline not from a second hand source, but from the loan file itself. See document problems early when they are less expensive to fix.

Reduce all the costs associated with physical loan file storage.

Although you may view those rows and rows of boxed up file folders that contain the personal information of all your borrowers with a feeling of pride, it’s time to let go. Imagine the savings in rent, insurance and clerk salaries by transferring all of your records to an off-site state-of-the-art digital storage facility complete with maximum security, back-up redundancy and complete firewall protection.

See the file as it is coming together for quicker, more accurate value assessments
Eliminate lost shipments
Get real time status on loan progress
Zero integration costs. Since this is a web-based application, all you need is a broker’s permission to access a file. No extra software to install and upgrades are automatic

Encourage your originators to invest in Acris Paperless Solutions today.

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