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Paperless Tax Resolution "What Acris Will Do for Your Organization? "
Acris offers CPA firms, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorney's two efficient web-based solutions:
Acris Paperless Solutions Tax Trump
Document Management
Imaging Solution
Tax Resolution
CRM Solution
Pipeline Management
Lead Source Management

Acris Paperless Solutions
Document Management & Imaging Solution
Acris is an on-demand collaborative document management paperless solution. Its web-based imaging solution is secure, efficient, scalable and reliable. Acris provides an electronic collaborative work environment to efficiently streamline your workflow.

With today’s paperless technology advances, firms are able to manage documents in a secure electronic environment anywhere anytime. Whether your staff is internal or mobile or both, users can access source documents, upload new documents and manage all documents in one central electronic work environment. No more missing documents, no more paper files. Acris’ storage and retrieval solution is secure and seamless. All documents are indexed for ease of control, management and retrieval all in real-time.

By implementing an efficient paperless solution, you will increase productivity, manage stringent regulations, build and retain client base, and reduce costs.

Tax Trump
Tax Debt Relief CRM & Lead Tacking Software
Tax Trump is a full service on demand web-based tax debt relief software application. Tax Trump allows you to capture leads from different sources and expedites lead assignment to your team. It focuses on workflow management to help prioritize and manage the entire tax debt relief procedure. Our auto fill document management tool accelerates delivery to your clients with a click of a button. Services and fees are customized and calculated to activate immediate credit card processing, ACH or paper billing, all while your client is on the phone with your agent. Pipeline management, follow-up calendar, email notification, tracking and other valuable tools are available in Tax Trump’s centralized solution. Users can access Tax Trump anywhere anytime.

Acris Paperless Solutions is fully integrated into Tax Trump offering you a secure efficient storage and unlimited retrieval solution.

Tax Trump expedites resolution procedures, expands remote users and increases productivity in a secure electronic environment. Let Tax Trump help you maximize your ROI.

Acris incorporates many layers of physical, application, network, and communications security into its system. Our servers are housed at secure dual data centers. Within Acris, users only have access rights to the folders and documents to which they have been specifically granted permissions by their system administrator. Our servers are protected via firewalls, multiple intrusion detection systems, regular penetration/stress testing and continuous monitoring of system performance.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Acris provides an alternative solution to high costs software services. It’s immediate, it’s easy and it’s efficient. No software, no hardware, no licensing, no servicing, no upgrades and no maintenance.

Acris Solutions
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